Join C3 Please submit your Medical Recommendation and Photo ID to join C3, Cali Care Collective. You can send two photos (one of ID, one of Recommendation) by text message to: (760) 991-2837 (BUDS) or by email at; [email protected]

Join the C3 Club Today! We provide the finest strains that are produced, tested, and required to meet the industry's highest level of quality control. As required by SB 420, we also offer other Mobile Health Services as a Legal Primary Caregiver to all of our Members/Patients. We are a "Closed Loop" Collective with Limited Membership, in which our "able-bodied" Members produce the finest, most potent Medical Cannabis for our Members who are injured or have health conditions that prevent such.

We endorse Organic Indoor Soil environment controlled, inspected, tested scientific methods without the risk of Outdoor, Greenhouse, or Hydroponic products that are weak, inferior, diluted and susceptible to molds, diseases, insects and harsh conditions along with the fungicides and pesticides used.

We are a non-profit Mutual Benefit association that strives on leading an active, herbal, holistic lifestyle that prides in staying Pharmaceutical Free and providing the finest herbal medicine to all qualified patients that become Members/Patients.

C3. Cali Care Collective operates in strict compliance with CA Prop 215, CA SB 420 and California Health and Safety Code §11362.5 and §11362.7. We serve only legally qualified patients. Under no circumstances whatsoever are services provided to people who are not qualified under California law. You must become a registered member to obtain services. C3 Group only provides services to Caregivers & Members with a verifiable letter from their Physician recommending medical cannabis use. We will not provide any services until our staff has verified your recommendation and the status of your Physician's Medical License.

Disclaimer: Prop 215 Patients ONLY. All donations requested are to recover costs of obtaining the highest quality medicinal cannabis in strict compliance with California Health and Safety Code. Sec. 11362.5(B)(1)(A) & 11362.​

​ By viewing this site, I agree to the following terms and I am acknowledging the following: I am over the age of 18, and acknowledge that I am a Medical Marijuana Patient with a Valid Recommendation that matches my legally given name and governed by the laws of SB 420 and Prop 215. I will not use the Herbal Medicine provided for any non-medicinal purposes and with responsible behavior.

Anyone who uses the provided Herbal Medicine for any purposes whatsoever, will be assuming their own liability, and are responsible for their own actions.

All donations are for non-profit and to benefit the PATIENTS by affordable safe access to Medicinal Cannabis that is beyond top shelf. Delivered to your door, throughout San Diego, O.C. and L.A. Only the best organic alternative medicine for those who wish to stay clear of pharmaceutical drugs and their lifelong side effects. Our mission is to provide our Members safe, discreet, and reliable access to organic top quality medical cannabis because many patients do not have the ability to drive or are too ill to travel out for their medication and/or Therapeutic treatments.​​