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Blue Legend – High Fidelity – 3.5G


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THC: 26.15% 

This is a hybrid medical marijuana strain that was created by crossing Diamond OG with Blue Dream. Although, both of the parent strains are closely 50:50 hybrids, the Legend OG are found to be leaning towards the sativa side. This makes the effects that are being produced by the Blue Legend also to be moderately sativa dominant in nature. This plant was originally bred by ‘Bio Queen’.The Legend OG genetics of this strain are providing the Blue Legend strain the denser, closely packed bud structure. On the other hand, the Blue Dream genetics are responsible for cerebral uplift effects produced by this strain. As you breathe in, the flowers of this plant would give off the sweet and hashy smell that is similar to that of blueberries. The flavor of this strain will also be hashy and would be more or less like that given by the roasted peanuts. This strain is known for giving the users the relaxation both physically and mentally. This is also known to be a good mood elevator and is recommended for the conditions like depression.


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