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Sleep Elixir Tincture – 1292mg THC – THC/CBD/CBG/CBN – Nternal

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Sleep Elixir Tincture – 1292mg THC – THC/CBD/CBG/CBN – Nternal

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Formulated to help relax the body and ease the mind after a long day. Great for those with insomnia. Let this natural elixir soothe you into a restful night’s sleep.
Nternal’s sleep formula contains a microdose of whole plant, full-spectrum cannabinoids with extra THC and CBN to help you get to sleep and stay asleep.
Nternal Oral Elixir was created by Making You Better Brands (MYBB) to bring the body into balance by enhancing the Endo-Cannabinoid System. Continued use of MYBB’s Micro Dose promotes homeostasis – physiological balance – by interacting with every system in the body.
Natural and fast-acting, Nternal Elixir can be taken orally or sublingually. Reported uses include appetite stimulation, blood sugar regulation, anxiety and stress reduction, digestive health, reduction of tremors caused by nervous system disorders and help with sleep.

717mg THCa 

663mg Δ9-THC 

38mg CBDVa 

56mg CBNa 

45mg CBGa 

75mg CBG 

26mg CBC 

1292mg Total THC


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